Level Skill Exam Length Topic Download Source
B1 Preliminary for Schools Computer-based sample test Reading, Listening, Writing Cambridge B1 Preliminary 1 page
Brays English
A1 Movers Wordlist picture book for exams from 2018 Vocabulary Cambridge A1 Movers 19 pages
Cambridge English
How to pass the APTIS General Exam Reading, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Writing APTIS General 14 pages
Brays English
How to pass B2 FCE Reading and Use of English Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary Cambridge B2 First 11 pages
Brays English
1000 Expressions (collocations) in English Vocabulary General English 53 pages
First Certificate in English (FCE) Computer-based sample test Reading, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing Cambridge B2 First 1 page
Brays English
Intermediate B1.1 videos and games Reading, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking General English 7
B1: Pop Songs Listening General English 1 page Arts and media: song